Best Hosting Partners for your Magento Top Shop Performance

Finding the appropriate Magento web host is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make for your Ecommerce website. While many Ecommerce business owners put enormous hours into creating great content, and optimizing product search, they often miss the necessary research to find the best web hosting Company for them. And, as a result, without the quality web hosting services they need, their site performance degrades and irritated shoppers abandon their site.

Before selecting any Web Hosting Provider, you should ask yourself the following questions: 

Dedicated or shared hosting

If you are running a magneto website on shared hosting, it means you are sharing resources like HDD, bandwidth and memory with other websites. On the contrary, if you are running your website on a dedicated server, it means that you have complete control on resources. You can change recourses accordingly but on shared hosting, you can’t modify resources. Shared hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting and it also does not require much technical support but some Ecommerce site having huge data requires Dedicated Hosting.

Is PCI Compliance required?

Yes, PCI Compliance is always required because Ecommerce sites are accepting debit/credit cards. Ecommerce merchant has different security standards. They must communicate with each other to ensure our business can process, store and Transmit Card Details in a safe and secure environment.

Web hosting support type required:

An Ecommerce site owner desperately feels the need of a Web Host Support when his site goes down due to some technical failure or error. In such situations, when you require a quick response and want your site to up again, you need a Web Host Support who is accessible easily and quickly.

Site Speed Optimization Requirements:

It is a top consideration for any Ecommerce business. Web performance require fast and speedy page loading. This is an essential component to conversion optimization and search engine high ranking. If your site is having dynamic content like graphics, multiple redirections, and internal search engines, you need to make your website’s speed good enough to stay in the competition.

Requirement of a Well Versed, Professional and Expert Magento Company

A Magento Site owner needs assistance in terms of customization, optimization and design for his Ecommerce site. Choosing a web company that has dedicated magneto developers can save your time and make you free from lot of stress.  A Magento Web Development Company can also help you to improve and upgrade the functionality of your website.

After jotting down your requirements on the basis of the above questions, you can proceed with choosing the best Web Host Service Providers as per your needs. For your convenience, following are the 5 most popular Web Hosting Providers you might consider:

  1. Rackspace: For a large and high volume Ecommerce site.
  2. Nexcess: A Magento platinum partner for medium-to-large sized businesses.
  3. Amazon Web Services: Best for the tech-savvy business owner who knows exactly what they need and can stay on top of server usage.
  4. Web 2 Market: A full-service Magento development, hosting, security, support, and optimization company for medium-to-large businesses.
  5. Site Ground: Best for small sites with minimal web traffic and storage needs.

About the Author: CEO of Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Nilesh Kothari is a veteran of Web Development Industry & an avid Internet Marketer, since Year 2000. Over the past one & half decade, he has devoted his extensive skills & experience to the service & online growth of businesses of all sizes. Time & again, he has extended his contributions to the maturing Digital Marketing Industry with his innovative Ideas & Solutions crafted for Businesses.

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