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What to Expect from Mobile Friendly Update: Expert Views

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Google’s Mobile Friendly Update released on 21st April this year has definitely created a buzz in the Digital Marketing world. You can find lots of posts about the “#mobilegeddon” update on the Internet, from where you can figure out how various Webmasters and Digital Marketers are reacting to the Update. As the Mobile Friendly Update has rolled out and affected the websites on the basis of their Mobile Friendliness (and will keep continuing doing so) in the Google Search Results, we decided to interview some Digital Marketing Experts and asked them few really sensitive questions every Digital Marketer is wondering about after the Update. Read the post and do add your comments related to any question/answer in order to make the discussion healthier.

Questions we’ve been discussing:

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Importance of Conversion Compelling Content in Digital Marketing and Tips on How to Write It

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Creating quality content is one of the key things that will help you improve your overall score in search engine results. What every digital marketing company will advise you is the following: produce high-quality and conversion compelling content if you want to make a good profit and raise your business to a new, higher level. Planet Web Solution, as a digital marketing company with a lot of experience in the field, will give you the reason why you should produce a conversion compelling content and tips how to do it. What Makes Content Compelling?

The most important thing you should have in mind if you want to create compelling content is that it needs to answer the question you asked yourself when you decided to write on a certain topic. People want information. People want answers to their questions. If they decided to, in a way, ask you a question, then you need to give them a straight-forward answer if you want a potential increase in your conversion rate. Tips on how to make your content conversion compelling

Let us once again remind you that content is king. Here is what you can do in order to provide the readers something that is worth reading: Information – You need to provide relevant and reliable information which will be useful for whoever is reading it. The Internet is one huge place where people look for information, so make sure that they will find it on your page.

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Improving your Webinar’s Attendance: Do’s and Don’ts

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Webinar Marketing is no doubt, one of the finest ways to attract more Potential customers towards the services you provide. In other words, we can say that Webinars could be the best tool to generate the leads, nurturing your leads, a platform to set customer marketing standards for loyalty and, the major area of focus to hit at, Generating Sales.

In order to achieve the maximum output of your webinar, you need to make sure that the no. of attendees who are going to attend your webinar is considerable in number. People generally sign up or register for your webinar but they do not attend it. It is because of the fact that they get benefit of receiving the link or the recording of your webinar after they register or sign up and instead of shuffling their pre-fixed schedule to attend your webinar, they prefer to watch the recording of your Webinar. This has been one of the major challenges faced by many webinar organizers and they are still figuring out how to improve the attendance of their webinars.

In this article, you are going to find out what you should do and what you should not do to enhance the number of attendees to your webinar. The list of do’s and don’ts has been compiled with the help of the views of some industry experts.

Things you should do to improve your Webinar Attendance:

1- Always Check the Relevance of the Webinar. The Webinar Content should be relevant enough to the live users.
2- Conduct a Survey with your Audience about the Webinar Content.
3- Distribute something special to the live attendees of the webinar like e-book or reports of your previous Webinars.
4- Always Create Compelling Subject of the Webinar to ensure the maximum no. of attendees.
5- Send time to time reminders in the form of email or SMS to the attendees and tell them specifically about “Limited Room” available in your webinar.

Things you should not do to improve your Webinar Attendance:

1- Don’t distribute the recordings of your webinar. Always put a notice that the recordings of the webinar are not going to be distributed in any form.
2- Don’t forget the power of Post-Webinar QA Session. Tell the people that the distribution of QA Session by any means of media is not going to be released.
3- In Fact, Don’t Record at all.
4- Don’t Upgrade “GotoWebinar” Subscriptions. Shout Loud that you are not going to upgrade the Registrations after the 100% completion of attendance.
5- Don’t announce the Schedule of your webinar weeks before the Date of Webinar Commencement.

As per the information revealed by @Lincolnmurphy, a renowned author of http://www.business2community.com/, 50-70% of registrants don’t attend live Webinars and the average attendance for his webinars seems to hover around 30-40% of those registered, on the rare occasion touching 50%.

One thing is for sure that you can never get 100% attendance, but oftentimes you get as many leads/views AFTER the webinar as during, if not more.

If you have something valuable to add or delete from the above list, don’t forget to drop your views in the comment section below the post.


Planet Web Solutions is Now a Member of NASSCOM

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Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is proudly a member of the NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), a prestigious Trade Association of Indian Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Industry. NASSCOM represents Indian IT & Software Industry world over. The Association has successfully acknowledged our application and awarded us the membership after examining our efforts and contributions against their pre-defined standards.

PWS-NASSCOMNASSCOM have their own set of criteria employed by them against which the Association identifies the suitability of Awarding the Membership to the Organizations. Some of the major standards as specified by the Association itself are dependent upon the factors like:

1- Sustainability of world class Service standards

2- Workforce Development

3- International Partnerships and Affiliations

4- Best Practices, Sharing and Collaboration

5- Policy Advocacy for Industry Growth

We have been awarded the Membership of the Association as we have long established ourselves as a dependable IT Company, that already operates by the standards set by NASSCOM.

To summarize what Planet Web Solutions specializes in, we offer complete Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing Solutions to the businesses that are looking to achieve the benefits of increasing popularity of Internet. Staying in sync with the Web development Trends which add value to Clients, We have successfully forayed into ‘Mobile APP Development’ in past few years and have been lauded by our Clients. We have delivered High Client Satisfaction level throughout, for which Our Client will happily vouch for. The same can validated by viewing our Customer Testimonials. One such platform is Elance where we have proved our specialization along with serving the clients from world over, primarily from USA, UK, Canada, France & Australia.

Planet Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd. aims to reach out & connect with other Businesses as well as Opportunities that comes along, being a part of NASSCOM fraternity.


Discussion on Latest Link Building Strategies with Marketing Experts

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When we talk about getting success from our SEO Efforts nowadays, a sense of doubt takes place in our mind. Regular updates in Algorithms by Google has not only covered the scope of SEO by dark clouds but the declaration of some of the strategies as Spam has put a big question mark on the Scope of SEO.


In order to accomplish the mission from the SEO Efforts, I decided to gather the Ideas of a group of SEO Experts on an  Interview Portal about some of the most disputed questions related to SEO and their responses are summarized as follows:



I am 61 years old and have seen a lot of life. I have been online since the beginning of the Internet and blogging for most of that time



I am an Blogger on the Italian and English market. On the italian market I built a stable income and now I live in Costa Rica since two years, where I decide to start my new adventure on the English market with my italian experience.

Carlo Rosales

Carlo Rosales

- 6 years internet marketing – SEO, Social Media, PPC, Re-targetting, CRO


Faisal Rehman

Faisal Rehman is a freelance copywriter and Google Adwords Certified Marketer with over 6 years of experience. He is a regular contributor at examiner.com, and lifehack.org.

Brandon Shrair

Brandon Shrair

Run a content marketing agency for online businesses + small businesses.

Samuel Scott

Samuel Scott

Former journalist turned digital marketer.

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt is the chief SEO (search engine optimizer) and writer. He is also the chief marketing strategist.



Content Marketer and SEO Link Builder

Questions we’ve been discussing:

Q. What are the link building techniques you are using for small businesses?

A. Philtrate (The Teaching Escape Guy)

I don’t build links for SEO, page rank or anything of that ilk. I build links in the hope that people will follow those links to my site and be interested in what I have to say. I submit high quality guest posts and leave genuine comments on blogs that interest me.

A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

The two strategies I find most useful are…

1) Participating in discussions, especially meaningful contributions that other people will want to build on.

2) Thought leadership articles, or at least articles that go beyond what everybody else is writing.  People link to the best, not to the”me-too” articles.

These are the types of links that drive traffic, and if they drive traffic, they are also likely to have long-term search value.

A. Faisal Rehman

Giveaway something (valuable) for free:

A couple of years ago when I was working for a webdesign company, We built a few wordpress themes and released them with a link to our targeted site.This stretegy helped us getting a lot of  relevant back links. I admit that  a number of people removed our link but we ended up ranking number one in Google for a few of our competitive keywords. This strategy is still effective to get attention and back links.

A. Andrea (A lifestyle Blogger)

What link building strategy I use really depends on the niche I am working with. There are cases where I need to setup a Private Blog Network and create my own links, other where with just an email I can get a good link from a great website.

I think that leaving apart when you are doing your own network or you automatize stuff, if you are focusing on a long-term business and you don’t want to get penalized in future you should focus on relationship.

Social network are great place where entertain people in conversation and this create audience.

From there you can get in touch with other blogger and build “digital friendship” where you can earn some links, citation and likes.

Also a great way is to find who is already linking your competitor and get in touch in some way with them exposing your content, sending an email, or again via social.

Sometimes it need hundreds of contacts before to get a link, but those people will not forget you if you have done a good work so as part of the strategy you should create great quality content.

A. Carlo Rosales (Internet Marketing Strategist)

No two link building campaigns are the same. Our link building methodologies would depend on the client’s business model, niche and current standing. From there, we can get a baseline of where to start, how to approach link acquisition and what audience to target. But techniques like guest posting, infographic distribution, and evergreen content are almost always part of the big picture.

Other techniques would really depend on the actual business. Nowadays, content marketing has become a standard but not everyone knows the recipe to success. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information on that.

A. Brandon Shrair

One of the best techniques for smaller local businesses is creating location-specific resources for the community, in the form of blog posts, and then reaching out to writers, bloggers, and other local websites for links. If the small business is a bike equipement store, for example, you could create a detailed guide to biking in your city. To take it a step further, you could do this for mountain biking (and off-road trails) and maybe even turn that into an infographic. If you take the time to create an awesome resource, people will be glad to share it on their site + with friends over social media.

A. Samuel Scott (Senior Director of Digital Marketing at The Cline Group)

Public relations and publicity. Don’t ask this: “How can we build links to our website?” Ask this: “How can our company get coverage from reporters and bloggers?” The best links will then come as indirect results of the coverage. Plus, this method is completely 100% natural and earned, so you will never have to worry about getting penalized by Google. We need to stop talking about links and start talking about publicity. PR should mean “public relations” to us and not “PageRank” — PageRank is meaningless today.

I actually write and speak on the integration of SEO and PR a lot. Here are three resources that may help you and your readers:

Moz webinar with the associated SlideShare Another Moz post on PR 101 My talk at SMX West

A. Cormac84 (Ego bait works well)

We’re looking at a number of different ways to help build links for our small business. One we’re using involves a tool called Wikigrabber. You simply place a loose term into the tool’s search box and it returns data on related pages that need citations and where there are broken links. If you have or are willing to create a really high quality piece of content for the client’s blog that is useful as a citation or helps fill in the gap where the broken link is left then you have a nice link from Wikipedia.


Q. What anchor text rich strategy you like the most?

A. Philtrate (The Teaching Escape Guy)

I do NOT use rich anchor text AT ALL. That way lies death by Google, a very painful way for a business to die. My content is good, my links are in plain sight and are mostly my name or the name/URL of my website. That’s all I want. I do not want to rank for a keyword today and hare my site de-indexed by Google tomorrow.

A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

I like to keep it natural.  If it makes sense to include a keyword, so be it.  If it doesn’t make sense, so be it.  I do like to make it clear to even newbie users what they’ll find at the other end of the link, and that they can click on it.  So I often have keywords in the link and I sometimes also have “click here” or something like that in the same link.

I do make a big difference between a link that I just throw in, in case a reader wants further background (in which case the anchor text might just be a word or two), and a link that I encourage people to go to for further reading, in which case it might be a whole sentence (“Click here to read what I wrote on this topic at Bob’s Blogh.”).

A. lifestyleultimatum (A lifestyle Blogger)

After the Penguin, everything is changed.

You cannot more use an exact match anchor text, so I try to get my link surrounded by content related to the keywords I am trying to spot.

Then I focus my main keyword in my internal linking. However sometimes I choose to use wide sentences anchor that includes also my keyword.

A. Carlo Rosales (Internet Marketing Strategist)

Thanks to our continuous efforts in testing, we found that there is a right formula to your use of anchor text. Selecting one and going with it isn’t the best way to approach anchor texts. Google see’s your link portfolio and checks its link diversity and a huge part of that is your anchor text diversity. Meaning, too much of one thing is a red flag waiting to happen.

What you want to do is create a portfolio that is diverse enough to make it appear natural. The more natural your links appear to Google’s search engine robots, the better the link portfolio and impact it’ll make on your search engine rankings.

A good formula would be:

30% brand

10% – 25% Exact match

14% – 24% Partial match

10% – 16% Naked URL

5% Generic

This will diversify your anchor text for search engine robots.

A. Samuel Scott (Senior Director of Digital Marketing at The Cline Group)

None. We do not ask for any specific anchor-text. It’s the only strategy that is 100% future-proof and will never risk penalties. In the rare cases where we can choose anchor-text for ourselves and/or clients, we use the company name or brand name. While keyword-rich anchor-text can provide short-term benefits today, Google is getting smart enough so that anchor-text will play less and less of a role in its algorithm soon.

A. Cormac84 (Ego bait works well)

We don’t really encourage it to be honest aside from focusing on long tail links now and again, we like to stick to just being as natural as possible. We find using Hitail can help a lot as it shows us some of the long tail links that get some decent traffic.


Q. Does web directory submission still work? If yes, then How?

A. Philtrate (The Teaching Escape Guy)

I have submitted to web ditrectories in the past but the links brought very few visitors even ten years ago. The main purpose of directory links was to build page rank and authority. I do not think they ever did that and they certainly do not do it now. The only people who benefit from directory submissions are the directory sites themselves when click on an ad somewhere on the page.

A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

Nobody seeks information from directories anymore and the search engines know this.  I think local ones can still work, because they help act as location-specific filters and people still do use the directories (after a Google or Bing search that brings them there).  For that reason, the local directories might also have some residual SEO benefits,.  If nothing else, a few directory listings in local directories can help the search engines establish a location for the business, as well as associate it with similar buisinesses.  I don’t think many other directories are worthwhile, though, unless they come with some additional benefits.

A. lifestyleultimatum (A lifestyle Blogger)

No for what is my experience, directory submission is not more working. Or better even if they still work, no make sense to spend time on this strategy because you can use the same effort to get lot more benefits from social strategy.

It can be some cases where make sense to be in some directory, but maybe this is more because it is good to differentiate the profile link than for the benefits you can get out of this link.

A. Carlo Rosales (Internet Marketing Strategist)

Directory submissions are still relevant. Not in the same way it used to be though. The only time you should be putting in effort in directory submission is for local directory listings for local seo campaigns and major directories such as yahoo and dmoz. For these main directories, only a few are left that bring value to your campaign as far as link juice goes.

There are three things to think about when it comes to directory submissions:

– Am I submitting to directories for link juice?

If this is what you are after, select major directories and don’t waste time trying to build thousands of directory listings. Most of these directories will harm your website rather than do it good.

– Am I submitting to directories for traffic?

If you are in it for traffic, go to directories that actual people use for reference and information.

– Am I submitting to directories for local visibility?

Use local directories or local listing aggregators.

Don’t rely on just directory submissions and only use reputed directories.

A. Samuel Scott (Senior Director of Digital Marketing at The Cline Group)

No. Why should Google give you credit for a link that you give yourself?

The only exception is what I call “human-curated lists.” Say a real person in Boston is a wine expert and has a website all about wine that lists local wine stores, then you do want to be on that list. But a random, global directory that accepts all listings? Nope.

The key question to ask yourselves: “If Google did not exist, would you want this link? In other words, would this listing provide valuable, real, referral traffic?” If the answer is “no,” then don’t go after that link.

A. Cormac84 (Ego bait works well)

Yes, to a degree, though like any form of link building it only works for the long term if it’s done with a honourable intent in the first place. When a lot of directories were killed off a few years ago, it seems that the cream of the crop rose to the top and among all the spun article site rubbish there were some gems. If people can use these in a responsible manner, yes it still has its place in my opinion.

Q. Are the efforts put on the Broken Link Building Strategy worthy enough?
A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

That depends how you do it.  I suspect for the time spent, there is probably a positive ROI, and since it is something that helps “clean up the web”, it is not something that should ever land a website in trouble with the search engines.  The key, as with all link-building, is to ask yourself if that is a site/page you really want a link from.  If yes, then go for it.

A. lifestyleultimatum (A lifestyle Blogger)

Yes broken link strategy still work great. You also need to be good on spot place where co-citation can be applied so there you can play your game.

If you spot a place where someone is linking resources not more available, why don’t send not only your link, but also a list of high quality competitor with the solution in them.

This will turn in an article with two or three good links on it and your link among them. It will gives you link juice, but also co-citation, and appears more natural for the blog owner, like you are not trying to take advantage from his contents.

A. Carlo Rosales (Internet Marketing Strategist)

If by efforts you mean you would have a dedicated person or team scout the web for broken links, I would say it isn’t. However, if you come across one, it’s always a good idea to do so. The reason is, tracking broken links can be difficult. There are tools like Domain Hunter Plus to do this but it takes a big chunk of time to actually go through the process. Once you find one, there isn’t a guarantee of link placement. If say for example you are an affiliate site, 9/10 you won’t get published/linked to on a reputable website.

A. Samuel Scott (Senior Director of Digital Marketing at The Cline Group)

If you are asking whether building broken inbound links is important, I’d say, “of course.” It’s not directly building a link; it’s helping another website. If you are asking whether this method is used enough, I’d say, “no.” Public relations and broken-link building should be used a lot more than the traditional tactics of directories and articles.

A. Cormac84 (Ego bait works well)

I’ve done some broken link building but I’m quite an impatient person by nature. I guess the Wikipedia Wikigrabber example above is a similar effort, but at the moment it’s about all the BLB that I focus on – my bad really as it’s certainly something I know some people have seen very successful results with.

Q. what should be avoided while outreaching for guest blogging?

A. Philtrate (The Teaching Escape Guy)

Insincerity – Avoid it at all costs. Guest blogging is about personal contact, someone giving you space on their website for your thoughts. That is only going to happen if you have built up a genuine relationship with the blogger. You should be virtual drinking buddies before you send any proposal.

A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

Personally, I accept guest posts almost only if I am the one requesting the guest post.  Usually it is because I really like what somebody has said somewhere, and I want them to say more about it.

A blog, which is somebody’s business, somebody’s publication.  If you are reaching out to place a guest post, what you are really asking for is advertising.  The worst thing you can say is “Best of all, this won’t cost you anything, just a link.”  Because what you are really saying is, “Worst of all, I’m not willing to pay a penny for this valuable advertising, nor for the huge amount of time’ you’ll be putting into formatting, editing, proofreading and promoting my post.”  If you can’t pay for the post, what you SHOULD say is “I know how much time it will cost you to post this for me.  I will work even harder than you to promote it, making sure that it is tweeted by at least 100 people in my network and shared on Google Plus by at least 25 people who follow me.  Your blog will gain valuable exposure and new followers because I’ll bust my butt for you.”

A. Faisal Rehman

1. Dont go without an outreach strategy.

Develop a strong outreach strategy before you start guest blogging. define your goals


I want to increase traffic to my site.

I’m trying to rank in search for a particular keyword . (You should write content around the keyword)

2.  Avoid long and boring emails.

Bloggers are busy people, Authority blogs receive 100’s of pitches on a daily basis, so make sure your email is sweet, personalized and short (150 words or less).

A. lifestyleultimatum (A lifestyle Blogger)

Guest blogging is the key for the success but also a difficult part of the game.

You should be polite first and try to understand that everybody need contents, but also you are entering in the house of someone, so first present yourself.

Send out a piece of content, show that you are doing your best and opened to some changes if needed.

Avoid to be jealous of your content, you are a guest and you want to turn into friend.

Especially understand that your knowledge not always is a must, and sometimes you must express in form of experience, and not a dogma.

A. Carlo Rosales (Internet Marketing Strategist)

Since the negatives are too many to mention, I’ll list things to do before pitching for a guest post instead:

  1. Research your area of interest and what topics they cover.
  2. Check the topics that were recently published. It helps to push something in the same theme or style of writing.
  3. Put in an effort to look for their guest post guidelines if they have one and follow their rules.
  4. Make sure you have sample articles that you can provide. Preferrably published by other websites and reputable ones.
  5. Customize your email by including their name, website and any other information you can. The more customized it is, the less canned it seems. One thing that should always be there is their name.
  6. Include your expertise in your email. That way, they know what to expect from you.
  7. Provide your sample titles with an outline of your idea for the post. What will you touch on? How deep will you go?
  8. Ask if they have any titles in mind or have any additions or suggestions.
  9. Follow-up when needed and don’t bombard them with emails.

A. Brandon Shrair

Avoid coming off self-centered. No one likes receiving a guest post request that is clearly an attempt at getting a free back link — with no care for the quality of the content or the benefit of the site owner. Take a minute to rephrase your outreach approach so that it’s focused on adding value to the website owner — this way will garner a much higher response to your outreach + acceptance rate for your guest posts.

A. Samuel Scott (Senior Director of Digital Marketing at The Cline Group)

Focus on relevance instead of Domain Authority or PageRank. If you sell “widgets,” then you want coverage and contributed articles on the websites that are read by the people who are interested in “widgets” — regardless of the Domain Authority or PageRank of those websites. If I were Google, I’d place greater value on links that come from websites on related topics.

A. Cormac84 (Ego bait works well)

If you’re going to send 1,000 emails with the exact same outreach message and little or no tailoring to webmasters, why not just add a viagra advert in there too because that sort of thing is little more than irritating spam. Read the blogs, take a little notice of the sort of thing they do and then pitch accordingly – otherwise you’re going to spam town in 98% of cases.


Q. How social media can help to earn links?

A. Philtrate (The Teaching Escape Guy)

Social media links are largely worthless – People who follow them are lacking in interest or focus on your content, they are just curious, just slowing down your site for those who are interested in what you are saying. Given that, images are still the best social method of earning links, images that contain your URL embedded are the most worthwhile.

A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM )

If you write something good…no, wait.  If you write something excellent…no, wait.  If you write something that surpasses anything else out there, people will share it, bloggers will build on it and the media might even pick it up.  Social media spreads the word on truly exceptional content that people want to link to.

A. lifestyleultimatum (A lifestyle Blogger)

Like I have stated before, relationship is the key.

If you get retweeted, send a thank you. Answer and get involved, give away value, not only your links and like a magic Social Networks will turn into a great place where get connection with other people.

Of course someone will be rude with you, it happens to me. I have presented a case on an income report recently and was funny, because every time that some haters will get involved in a conversation with you he is driving traffic to your blog.

If you are doing a good work, people will understand that you are doing your work also in the social.

If they didn’t understand this probably they are angry because they haven’t been enough consistent to get to their goal.

All the other people will get in touch with you in a way or another and will remember you and thank you.

This is what a social network is made for. It is not your personal space, it is a common space where everything is moving and you should be part of that movement.

A. Carlo Rosales (Internet Marketing Strategist)

Social media can do a great job in distributing content to your audience. Targetting the right demographic / audience is key here. In return, these viral shares become linkable assets and send out good signals to search engines that the webpage is:

  1. Trusted
  2. Interesting
  3. Shareable
  4. Popular

This is the way creating content that inspires social interaction should be a part of your content strategy. A good way to get a head start through social media is getting your content in front of influencers. If the influencers appreciate the post, they would not hesitate to share through social media.

Also, leveraging social media as a channel to communicate and connect is always a good thing. It’s more personal and is good for building relationships and growing your network.

A. Samuel Scott (Senior Director of Digital Marketing at The Cline Group)

“Social media” is a set of modern communications channels that transmit content to a desired audience. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right channels. In public relations, for example, reporters rarely read their e-mail or answer the telephone because they get so many pitches — however, they often check Twitter. So, Twitter can be used to communicate your article pitches to journalists, bloggers, and influencers quickly and easily.

A. Cormac84 (Ego bait works well)

Social media is brilliant for helping to earn links. From building relationships in Twitter, joining Google+ groups for chats, involving yourself on sites like Reddit or anything else you can think of – social media is a cornerstone nowadays. I recently added a little bit on Social Media Slant on outreach with Pinterest and there were some other great contributions with outreach in mind on there – check them out,

When we talk about getting success from our SEO Efforts nowadays, a sense of doubt takes place in our mind. Regular updates in Algorithms by Google and has not only covered the scope of SEO by dark clouds and the declaration of some of the strategies as Spam has put a big question mark on the Scope of SEO.
In order to accomplish the mission from the SEO Efforts, I decided to gather the Ideas of a group of SEO Experts on an  Interview Portal about some of the most disputed questions related to SEO and their responses are summarized below.


Windows 10: 11 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About The Latest Breed

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Windows Event started at 10:02AM PDT on September 30th 2014

Windows Event 30th september

Windows Chief – @TerryMyerson, Who else would be better to take the responsibility to start the event.  He started communicating with the audience with the most interesting fact about the windows and that was “Windows is used by over 1.5 billion people in every country of the world.” Interesting. Isn’t it?

Windows 10Terry introduces the latest version of the windows in 10 minutes and well bound-up the audience. Subsequently,Vice President of Windows Team – @JoeBelfiore came on the stage for the demonstration of Windows 10.

Joe BelfioreYou can directly jump to the demonstration section of the video by clicking on the mentioned link.

From the introduction to the demonstration, we found some interesting parts to share that are mentioned below:

  1. The Wi-Fi password of the event zone is Windows 2015.
  2. New Windows must be built from the group up for a mobile-first cloud-first world.
  3. Windows 10 will run on the broadest types of devices ever.
  4. One of the most important customers for Windows is the enterprise.
  5. There’s a me tile on the Start Menu, pinned apps and options to shutdown and restart.
  6. Users will be able to resize the tiles on the Start Menu and change its size.
  7. “Task view” is the new button on the taskbar.
  8. We will be able to paste in directories into command prompt with Ctrl+V.
  9. Today, Windows Insider Program is going to be launched. You can also download the preview version from the same.
  10. Technical Preview build for laptops and desktops.
  11. Windows 10 shipping “later in the year” in 2015.

You can also download this Awesome presentation for quick overview of the event

A First Look of Windows 10


Latest Google Update Rolls Out – Panda 4.1

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Well Webmasters, Here it comes!! Another Mixed Blessing for you, in the form of Latest Update in the Google Panda Algorithm. You’ll soon figure out, why It’s mixed.

The News is, Google has released a slow rollout in Panda Algorithm which will be in its full effect by the end of this week. Named as Panda 4.1, the Google’s 27th Panda Update has been rolled out which will be in its full Intensity later on this week. Pierre Far from Google UK has confirmed the Update on Google Plus.

Google Panda Update

Google clarifies that “depending on the location, approximately 3%-5% of the Search Queries will be affected.”

As it is a known fact that Google’s Panda Algorithm is a Filter designed to penalize thin or poor quality content from ranking well, Google also mentioned that the current refresh is supposed to be more precise and will allow more high-quality small medium sites to rank better.

Answer to the Question- Why it is a Mixed News for Webmasters? 

If your website have been recently hit by previously rolled out Google Panda Updates and if you have taken necessary steps to overcome the penalty, you are very likely to see a considerable accrument in the traffic to your website and might appear higher in the search results by the end of this week. And if you intend Google to miss his eyes from your thin and poor quality content, get ready to be slapped.

Penguine and Panda hitSource: http://www.tartanmarketing.com/

The roll-out also means that new sites not previously hit by Panda might get impacted. If you’ve seen a sudden traffic drop from Google this week, or note one in the coming days, then this latest Google Update is likely to blame.


20 Must have add-on/extensions for Firefox and Chrome

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The latest statistics of 2014 till April reveal that about 57% of internet users use Google Chrome for browsing while 25.7% users use Firefox for the same. Surprised!! Now the Irony is that except these browsers there is not even a single browser to have crossed its usage value of double digit.

Browser Statistics

We have listed Top 20 addon/extensions for most popular browsers i.e. Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

1. Awesome Screenshot:
Awesome screenshot plug-in is used to capture the whole page or any portion of the page. If you choose the visible part of the page, it captures only what you currently see in the browser, if you choose the whole page, it captures the screenshot ofentire page. We can annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text. It also has an option to share the link on social media sites.

Click here to install Awesome Screenshot:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

2. Built With:
BuiltWith is a web site profiler tool. BuiltWith tells about the technical platforms/technologies of the website. BuiltWith is mainly used to help developers, researchers and designers to find out that what technologies the pages are using which can help them to decide about the technologies that they can implement themselves.

Click here to install Built With:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

3. Case Changer:
Case changer plugin is used to change the case of any selected text in just one click from the context menu. You can use it to change case to lower case, sentence case, capitalize each word, upper case and toggle case.

Click here to install Case Changer:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

4. Copy URLs Expert:
Copy Urls Expert is a plugin that providesoption to copy URLs of all opened tabs incurrent window, copy URLs of Tabs in all windows, copy URLs of all links in selected text and copy URLs of all images in selection. It allows opening multiple links at once by using ‘Open Tabs’ menu.

Click here to install Copy URLs Expert:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

5. Firebug:

  • Firebug is free and open source software. Firebug is a web development tool that offers debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website.
  • There are panels in Firebug to execute the File Structure. Console, HTML, CSS l, Script, DOM, net panels. Firebug helps to examine the Web page markup, styling, and model. Panels as HTML, CSS, and DOM get activated as soon as you open Firebug.
  • Firebug doesn’t know about any file structure onserver, but, it knows what the client browser knows. If any HTML contents have changed dynamically via JavaScript, than such changes can be inspected. The Firebug command line accepts commands written in JavaScript.
  • We can check Firebug by Either F12 key or by clicking the Firebug Start Button in the Firefox main toolbar.

Click here to install Firebug:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

6. Ghostery:

  • Ghostery is a free of cost privacy browser extension for Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari. If any web bug is present on the web page then, Ghostery helps its users in detecting and easily controlling web bugs.
  • Web Bugs are mainly objects embedded in any web page, and are invisible to the user. Ghostery blocks HTTP requests and redirects them according to their source address. Blocking & reporting, Cookie blocking & cookie protection is available in Ghostery.
  • Ghostery updates its tracker library, ads, page widgets, analytics services or any third-party page elements and also groups all trackers into categories. There are various panels in Ghostery. The Findings Panel is the place to see and control trackers on the pages you visit.

Click here to install Ghostery:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

7. Google Ordered List:

  • It is a free Addon & very useful for Browsers. It is an important tool to change the google search results list from unordered manner to ordered manner. From an SEO point of view , when we are checking Ranks for any Search terms or keywords, it guides us easily to track our Specific webpage rank.
  • In general, this ordered list add-on is fruitful to anyone who wants an easy search of the web-page appearing in a proper manner in Google search engine results.

Click here to install Google Ordered List:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

8. Grammarly:

  • Grammarly is a writing-enhancement platform developed by Grammarly Incorporation. Grammarly detects all the critical issues in any piece of writing material.
  • Main information which grammarly covers in its detection are grammatical errors, spelling correction, Sentence Structure, Punctuation, Style Check, and Plagiarism
  • Special Features includes Error explanations and correction tips, Grammarly uses more than 250 grammar rules, Context-optimized synonym suggestions, and most importantly it checks for plagiarism or duplicity in any piece of content. Also, a feature of grammar checker helps in analyzing general, business, academic, creative or casual piece of writing. Thesaurus and Dictionary features are also included in Grammarly.
  • Grammarly plug-in is available for MS office, which adds Grammarly to MS-word & outllook. Grammarly offers a Free-7-day trial service via mail Sign-up and we can use, enhance the tool.

Click here to install Grammarly:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

9. Last Pass:
LastPass is a award winning password manager which saves your password and gives you a secure access from every computer and mobile device with no in-product ads and receives good responses from the LastPass support team. Use LastPass to access to your blocked external sites. You can also quickly access your account using the LastPass app’s browser.

Click here to install Last Pass:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

10. Link Checker:
This tool helps in checking the validity of links on any webpage. It is a great app for indepth checking of an entire site. It scans a webpage and highlights the links onpage using a color system – green for active links, yellow for forbidden links, gray for skipped links and red for broken links.

Click here to install Link Checker:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

11. Moz Bar:
Access important SEO metrics while you surf the web. This toolbar from Moz lets you see metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority for every page you visit, analyze links as you browse, expose page elements, and access other SEO tools.

Click here to install Moz Bar:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

12. Rapportive:
Raplets Documentation aims to give emails users access to relevant contextual information as part of their normal email workflow. It displays a sidebar next to an email thread in Gmail, showing information about one particular person. It also grows your network by connecting on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln etc.

Click here to install Rapportive:
Add-on for Firefox
We didn’t find Rapportive for Chrome

13. Search Status:
It gives the link report of a webpage i.e internal links, outgoing links of the webpage and other related link information. We can also check meta of a site which plays a significant role while the optimization of a site. Whois search helps to find out the domain information. Use search status to see the robot.txt file, other domains on the same IP and sitemaps associated with the website.

Click here to install Search Status:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

14. SEO Global for Google search:
“Redfly SEO Global” This tool shows accurate ranks of keywords and search terms in geographical location like US, Canada etc.You can check that how well your keyword is performing in other countries.

Click here to install SEO Global for Google search:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

15. SERP Trends SEO Extension:
This plugin gives you the entire information that whether your keyword is pushed up or going down and by which position. You need at least 24 hrs to see the fluctuations in results.

Click here to install SERP Trends SEO Extension:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

16. Social Media Shares:
It gives updates about how much a site is active among the users via. Facebook likes, comments, tweets, google + likes.

Click here to install Social Media Shares:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

17. User Agent Switcher:
The User Agent String helps a website to identify how it is being viewed by sending a user agent string to the website. User Agent Switcher tool is used to add a menu and toolbar button to your browser from where you can switch the user agent of a browser by clicking on Default User Agent under the Tools menu. This tool uses User Agent String to identify and switch the user agent of the browser.

Click here to install User Agent Switcher:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

18. Wappalyzer:

  • Wappalyzer is the extension ofbrowser that detects hidden softwares or technologies used on the website and then display a list of softwares used at the right side of the address bar.
  • On clicking one of the software, a list of softwares will be displayed at the right side of the browser (Ex. Firefox). To know more about the software, click on the desired software. The list of websites using that software is be displayed with some statistical data in the new tab.

Click here to install Wappalyzer:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

19. Word Count Tool:
As the name suggests this tool counts the number of words and characters without any click. Just select the text and it gives you the number of words and characters which resides under the selection area. This result can be seen at the top right most position on the web browser (Ex. Firefox). It also gives readability level, number of paragraphs and sentences in its detail report.

Click here to install Word Count Tool:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome

20. Y Slow:
Yslow first scans a webpage and then analyze it to provide suggestions to improve the performance of a website based on the set of rules for high performance web pages. It displays the statistics of website and provides tools for performance analysis.

Click here to install Yslow:
Add-on for Firefox
Extension for Chrome


Mobile Website Optimization Checklist

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Over the years, Internet usage has increased exponentially! Reasons are many and obvious too. Users can now access the internet in numerous ways. Tablets and Ipads have become immensely popular mediums for getting access to the Internet & other online entities nowadays. For the reason, having a mobile website is indispensable.
Moreover, if you’ll observe people in public places, you’ll notice that they browse web more often on their multimedia phones & handheld devices more than the traditional gadgets. Interestingly, Number of such users is increasing day by day. This is the predominant Mobile Era & with the rapidly increasing population of mobile users, more and more website owners are giving a priority to mobile web development. Nevertheless, it’s a great need also!

Mobile Usage 2013

Mobile Website optimization: Benefits at a Glance

  • Improved User Experience

Mobile websites are primarily designed for the users who are engaged with their Smartphones most of the time. In today’s world, nobody wants to use a desktop when smart phones are accessible. Undoubtedly, mobile websites hold a lot of potential in enhancing a user experience, especially in this present mobile oriented world!

  • Faster Download Speed

Mobile websites are specifically designed as per the mobile standards, so you need not to wait for long time durations while accessing a website.  Download speed is usually fast which means a more improvised browsing experience.

  • Engagement and Context

Smartphones come with some exceptionally great features such as click to call, mapping functions etc that offer instant engagement provisions to a user! Likewise, if you own a business at a particular location in town then people can find your business in almost no time or to be more technically specific in nano seconds, by way of location based search technology.

  • Improved Search Performance

A mobile website tends to improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines like Google. Hence, a user can get any results which he/she is looking for, very easily & quickly.

  • Portability & Connectivity

The biggest benefit of a mobile website is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere! & this much ease of access has provided people with ample of opportunities to connect with their target audience in many different & innovative ways, irrespective of their location.

  • Competitive Advantage

A mobile website lets you achieve a position where you can stand out amongst your competitors. A mobile website has to be pretty much captivating & capable of attracting new users. If your website does not appears to be of good quality & attractive in terms of presentation on a Smartphone, then it can be an ‘Opportunity Lost’ as the Good Site Traffic will not translate into Good ‘Time on Site’ & ‘Time on Page’, ultimately decreasing ‘Returning Visitor Ratio’.

  • Integration with Offline Media

Mobile devices can bridge the gap between offline & online media with the help of QR Codes. These codes are displayed in print, and then scanned through Smartphone and then translated into electronic message such as a website URL or other data. It adds a new dimension to the ways of interacting with any advertising media.

Mobile SEO Checklist:

Here is a highlight about the main points for doing audit of a Mobile Website. A Mobile Website Audit for SEO features a health checkup of your mobile website to ensure that your website isn’t confusing search engines, and thus leading to any penalties. Depending on the size and complexity of your website, this task can vary in time required to complete your website’s audit.

Checklist 1Checklist 2You can download the checklist in PDF format here.


9 Best Infographics of the Marketing World

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Dear Readers,

Before getting to the core of this article, I’d like to first come up with the concept of this info-graphic post.  Actually, we were searching for an info-graphic that could help our readers to get familiar with latest internet marketing trends, techniques and strategies. But unfortunately we were left embarrassed, as search engines failed to response to our query regarding Info-graphic “despite of the fact that approx.  2, 7000,000 pieces of content are shared Everyday! Ironic! Isn’t it?

So we crafted an optimum solution by collecting the best available Info-graphic resources. Here is the list of some best internet marketing info-graphics around the web.

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