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9 Best Infographics of the Marketing World

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Dear Readers,

Before getting to the core of this article, I’d like to first come up with the concept of this info-graphic post.  Actually, we were searching for an info-graphic that could help our readers to get familiar with latest internet marketing trends, techniques and strategies. But unfortunately we were left embarrassed, as search engines failed to response to our query regarding Info-graphic “despite of the fact that approx.  2, 7000,000 pieces of content are shared Everyday! Ironic! Isn’t it?

So we crafted an optimum solution by collecting the best available Info-graphic resources. Here is the list of some best internet marketing info-graphics around the web.

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Google Page Layout Update Refresh

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Page Layout UpdateGoogle’s Matt Cutts yesterday tweeted that they have released the refresh to Page Layout Update. A.k.a Top Heavy algorithm, it hit those sites which contain too much ads above the fold.

When first version of update was released on 19th Jan, 2012 Matt stated – “Overall, our advice for publishers continues to be to focus on delivering the best possible user experience on your websites and not to focus on specific algorithm tweaks. This change is just one of the over 500 improvements we expect to roll out to search this year”.

Recovery process:
Matt said that if you think that your site has been hit by the update, remove the ads above the fold and we will remove your site from penalty after the re-crawl however re-crawl process may take weeks to complete.

So if you are not placing too many ads above the fold (if you can identify what is actual above the fold is), you shouldn’t worry about this refresh. But if you do, consider removing the ads above the fold.


3 Tools to Market Your Digital Book

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Tools to Market Your Book

One of the most incredible aspects of the internet is how much it has changed every industry in our world. Even those that are directly unrelated have had a serious impact with the advancement of this technology. We can now connect to one another on a level never seen before, and it is an update to our every day lives to be grateful for. Read Post


10 Awesome Free WordPress SEO Plugins

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WordPress is one of the most favored platforms by, both developers and webmasters when it comes to create a CMS website. Apart from being a user-friendly platform, it also supports external plugins which makes a compatible environment for creating custom websites.

We have created a list of 10 must have SEO plugins which enables administrator to make a WordPress website SEO friendly.

Top SEO Plugins

SEO by Yoast

Must have plugin to SEOPTIMIZE the whole website, some major features are:

  • Add custom post title and meta tags
  • Insert canonical link elements e.g. rel=”next” and rel=”prev”
  • Generate XML Sitemaps
  • RSS Optimization
  • Insert breadcrumbs
  • .htaccess and robots.txt file editor

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Improved Real Time reports in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics team is doing a great job for web-masters analyzing the traffic on their websites and also helps a great deal in improving online marketing strategies. With new real-time reporting introduced, now webmasters can also track traffic activities to their website during a promotional event etc. Read Post


A Webmaster’s Guide to Website Testing

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In the current era of SEO & Internet marketing, website testing is absolutely indispensible. What if, a webmaster has some basic knowledge about site testing? Obviously, this is something very beneficial. Having know-how about testing enables the webmaster to investigate the drawbacks of site in terms of performance. The technical issues identified can be then consulted with the development team & the experts for a timely resolution of the problem. Here, in our today’s post we have tried to provide a basic tutorial about website testing for the webmasters. Read Post


Bootstrap – Making Your Web Creation Uncomplicated & Seamless

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According to the historical views of computer program development, Bootstrapping is referred to as an early technique of developing computer programs on new hardware. But in the modern era of accelerated & improved technology, Bootstrapping is actually a process of developing more complex and faster programming environments, successively. Basically, Bootstrapping teaches a developer programming language but more importantly it teaches compact program design skills such as stating input and types, writing test cases and explaining code to others.

One of the major advantages of bootstrapping is that the user rather than downloading the entire application including the features he does not need, re-downloading and then manually updating it whenever there is an upgradation, the user only needs to download and start a small “Bootstrap” executable, which accordingly downloads and installs those parts of the application that the user really needs. Read Post


It’s the SMO Age – How to get Social Media Leverage in 5 Steps

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In the present age of Social Media optimization, social media has become a vital part in the process of web site promotion and branding. It acts as a potential channel that connects a web site with the social networks and keeps it in cache memory of the Internet users. Following are a few effective tips for getting enhanced traffic on websites by way of social media sources. Read Post