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eCommerce product page optimization
By Nilesh Kothari
July 20, 2016

What Makes Great Product Page on eCommerce Website

First impression is the last impression… An attractive eCommerce website attracts maximum visitors. Being a businessman, you need to have an awesome product page for a customer to make you any richer.
According to a study, an average website takes about 3 minutes to load, while product pages take twice as long to open. Usually, businesses spend so much time fine-tuning their homepage, but they often forget to well-design the…

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magento performance optimization tips
By Nilesh Kothari
July 1, 2016

Practical Tips For Magento Performance Optimization

Performance optimization for Magento is a decisive step, especially when it comes to customer experience because time is valuable as money and a moment of delay will immensely impact your conversions and revenues.
For instance, if a visitor, while surfing on your website, has to go through low quality and indolent page loads and complicated checkout, his shopping experience is ruined. He will probably never visit your site again. This…

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Best Languages for Mobile App Development
By Satish
June 28, 2016

Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile device is the fastest-growing platform in the IT industry. In the last couple of years, the mobile application development segment has changed the way businesses function around the world.
The speedy innovation in mobile devices coupled with businesses utilizing mobile apps to increase their productivity has made mobile app developers and programmers to write versions of a single application for many different platforms using a single language and many…

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Grow Your Magento E-commerce Website
By Nilesh Kothari
June 24, 2016

Magento Secrets: How to make your E-commerce Website Thriving?

Wonder why some websites are so popular than yours, despite you offering same services? According to research, only 5% of people succeed in the sphere they work. If you want to be among the successful 5% of online business owners, this article is going to be your guide.
A. Boost Store, Boost Sales
The best way to improve your website traffic and revenue is to think like your customers…

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Google Local Listing Optimization
By Nilesh Kothari
June 21, 2016

7 Ways to Optimize your Google Local Listing for More Traffic

The Search Engine Giant, Google, is always keen on delivering the best possible results to the users in the minimum possible time for their Search Queries. People looking for Services in the local area are lucky to have “Google 7 Pack” in its search results to get the detailed information about the service providers. Now, if you have a local business and are looking for more customers, it’s the high…

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Mobile App for E-commerce Website
By Nilesh Kothari
June 17, 2016

Why your E-commerce Website needs a Mobile App

As smartphones and mobile devices increasingly become an important tenet of our day to day life, their exponential popularity has compelled E-commerce businesses to adapt to the small-screened devices in order to reach out to wider audiences.
In this highly digital world, sticking only to an E-commerce website is not enough to promote visibility and sales, no matter how optimized it is. You need an app that can work effectively…

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Three Major E-commerce Tools
By Nilesh Kothari
June 13, 2016

3 E-Commerce Must Haves for 2016

With almost mid-way into the year 2016, many online businesses may be struggling to keep up their pace in the competitive market. Here are three of the best E-Commerce must haves for the year.
With time, technology is evolving and so are consumers’ needs and aspirations. Their demands and expectations for relevant and rich online experiences are also escalating. The high expectations of consumers have pushed the businesses to do…

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Start E-commerce Business
By Nilesh Kothari
June 10, 2016

Do not Start Ecommerce Business before Reading this

The augment of E-commerce has provided extraordinary opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world. Although putting together an E-commerce business is a hard and tedious job, it can be an excellent business to go into and make plenty of money if you do it the right way. E-commerce is a service business and therefore, your goal should be to help visitors find products and deliver those products conveniently.
However, you need…

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Mobile App User Engagement
By Satish
June 6, 2016

11 Exquisite Tips to Keep your Users Hooked on your Mobile App

Technology is an open platform, hence, there’s room for innovation and customization. With the increase in the use of mobile applications penetration, the demand and supply of newest apps are always on the rise. Considering the fact that there are end number of apps (similar to yours) at users’ disposal, and that deleting and downloading other apps is a very easy option for them, it becomes a tedious task to…

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Push Notifications to Optimize App Engagement
By Satish
June 3, 2016

Top 10 Push Notification Tools to Boost Mobile App Engagement

Everything in your mobile app should be delivered from the mindset of benefiting your target audience…
Designing a remarkable app is one thing, engaging users is another! To be able to deliver the right content, at the right time and to the right user is the most crucial step to better mobile app engagement. Push notifications, one of the most effective ways of driving frequency and higher mobile app engagement,…

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iOS APP Libraries for Payment Processing
By Satish
June 1, 2016

7 Best Payment Processing Libraries For Your iOS App

Today, more and more people are looking to their mobile devices to surf the internet instead of out very old computers. According to a survey, people spend 85% of their time using apps on their smartphones and tablets, either gaming, exploring new arenas or shopping smart. With the upsurge in the popularity of shopping through smartphone apps, eCommerce iOS apps are also emerging at a fast pace. But to complete…

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Achieve 2016 Ecommerce Goals
By Nilesh Kothari
May 30, 2016

How To Achieve your 2016 E-Commerce Goals

Despite being in the technology era, many businessmen and retailers still find E-commerce as a relatively new term. Considering the pressure of getting online, in order to increase visibility and sales, retailers may have taken the leap and embraced the new mode of business. However, that does not mean they are aware of the crux of the matter.
Ideally, a well-planned business model has these elements: infrastructure, products, services, customers,…

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