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Expert Views on Digital Marketing Trends

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In the current times, it has been very difficult for the Digital Marketers to search for and adapt to any strategy or trend that can be considered “perfect” to achieve the desired results, especially in the scenarios when the Search Engine Giants like Google keeping refreshing their updates and Algo’s. Keeping the facts in mind, we decided to interview some Digital Marketing experts on some of the controversial points arising in the industry. Go through the article and explore the full story.

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What to Expect from Mobile Friendly Update: Expert Views

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Google’s Mobile Friendly Update released on 21st April this year has definitely created a buzz in the Digital Marketing world. You can find lots of posts about the “#mobilegeddon” update on the Internet, from where you can figure out how various Webmasters and Digital Marketers are reacting to the Update. As the Mobile Friendly Update has rolled out and affected the websites on the basis of their Mobile Friendliness (and will keep continuing doing so) in the Google Search Results, we decided to interview some Digital Marketing Experts and asked them few really sensitive questions every Digital Marketer is wondering about after the Update. Read the post and do add your comments related to any question/answer in order to make the discussion healthier.

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Importance of Conversion Compelling Content in Digital Marketing and Tips on How to Write It

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Creating quality content is one of the key things that will help you improve your overall score in search engine results. What every digital marketing company will advise you is the following: produce high-quality and conversion compelling content if you want to make a good profit and raise your business to a new, higher level. Planet Web Solution, as a digital marketing company with a lot of experience in the field, will give you the reason why you should produce a conversion compelling content and tips how to do it. What Makes Content Compelling?

The most important thing you should have in mind if you want to create compelling content is that it needs to answer the question you asked yourself when you decided to write on a certain topic. People want information. People want answers to their questions. If they decided to, in a way, ask you a question, then you need to give them a straight-forward answer if you want a potential increase in your conversion rate. Tips on how to make your content conversion compelling

Let us once again remind you that content is king. Here is what you can do in order to provide the readers something that is worth reading: Information – You need to provide relevant and reliable information which will be useful for whoever is reading it. The Internet is one huge place where people look for information, so make sure that they will find it on your page.

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Improving your Webinar’s Attendance: Do’s and Don’ts

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Webinar Marketing is no doubt, one of the finest ways to attract more Potential customers towards the services you provide. In other words, we can say that Webinars could be the best tool to generate the leads, nurturing your leads, a platform to set customer marketing standards for loyalty and, the major area of focus to hit at, Generating Sales.

In order to achieve the maximum output of your webinar, you need to make sure that the no. of attendees who are going to attend your webinar is considerable in number. People generally sign up or register for your webinar but they do not attend it. It is because of the fact that they get benefit of receiving the link or the recording of your webinar after they register or sign up and instead of shuffling their pre-fixed schedule to attend your webinar, they prefer to watch the recording of your Webinar. This has been one of the major challenges faced by many webinar organizers and they are still figuring out how to improve the attendance of their webinars.

In this article, you are going to find out what you should do and what you should not do to enhance the number of attendees to your webinar. The list of do’s and don’ts has been compiled with the help of the views of some industry experts.

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Planet Web Solutions is Now a Member of NASSCOM

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Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is proudly a member of the NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), a prestigious Trade Association of Indian Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing Industry. NASSCOM represents Indian IT & Software Industry world over. The Association has successfully acknowledged our application and awarded us the membership after examining our efforts and contributions against their pre-defined standards.

PWS-NASSCOMNASSCOM have their own set of criteria employed by them against which the Association identifies the suitability of Awarding the Membership to the Organizations. Some of the major standards as specified by the Association itself are dependent upon the factors like:

1- Sustainability of world class Service standards

2- Workforce Development

3- International Partnerships and Affiliations

4- Best Practices, Sharing and Collaboration

5- Policy Advocacy for Industry Growth

We have been awarded the Membership of the Association as we have long established ourselves as a dependable IT Company, that already operates by the standards set by NASSCOM.

To summarize what Planet Web Solutions specializes in, we offer complete Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing Solutions to the businesses that are looking to achieve the benefits of increasing popularity of Internet. Staying in sync with the Web development Trends which add value to Clients, We have successfully forayed into ‘Mobile APP Development’ in past few years and have been lauded by our Clients. We have delivered High Client Satisfaction level throughout, for which Our Client will happily vouch for. The same can validated by viewing our Customer Testimonials. One such platform is Elance where we have proved our specialization along with serving the clients from world over, primarily from USA, UK, Canada, France & Australia.

Planet Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd. aims to reach out & connect with other Businesses as well as Opportunities that comes along, being a part of NASSCOM fraternity.