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  • Formee – Classified Search & Ad Posting Engine

    Formee – Classified Search & Ad Posting Engine

    Formee is an easy to used Classified Search & Ad Posting Engine for Australian Market.

    User can look for Recent jobs, Classified Ads, New & used Vehicles, Buy/Sell/Rent Real Estate, Schools and Mosques in User’s Nearby Location.

    It incorporates following features-
    1. Geo-location tagging (Used Google Location API)
    2. Dynamic Attributes Creation
    3. Advanced Search & Save Search Option
    4. Dynamic Filter creation
    5.Prayer timings API integration
    6. Classified Posting and Manage advertisements
    7. Community section
    8. Halal Food Scanner



    It’s an easy to use application, having 1000+ subject wise videos based purely on official Omani curriculum & prepared by best Teachers.

    OMTUT has wide range of online video courses, accessible through highly affordable & uncomplicated subscription plan

  • RxME DOC

    RxME DOC

    Online Specialist Doctor Consultation App. RXMeDoc is Android application facilitating patients to view list of doctors in specific department , view doctor’s profile and initiate online consultation.

    Patient have the ability to ask question from specific doctor by writing brief description as well as attaching reports. For every new question in 24 hour cycle, patient will be required to make online payment.

  • Rapax Car
    Rapax Car

    Rapax Car

    This is a UBER like taxi app with two segments for Drivers and Client. The client can book a taxi for immediate Ride or future Rides. Google API integration has been done for accessing the distance, time and cost. Complete Backend to handle bookings and App.

    Key features are as follows:

    • BrainTree Payment Gateway integration.
    • Google API for car tracking, distance and location updates.
    • Fare calculators.
    • Client and driver profiles with start and stop ride option
    • Cancel booking and other Taxi App features.

  • ZONE

    This is a Tinder-like social media app with chat feature where a user can search groups and create friends and groups. Zone area of a user will allow accessing venue list nearby with the help of GPS location services.

    Key features are as follows:

    • GPS location based services
    • Social Media websites integration
    • SMS and Phone number identification API implementation
    • Images, Text sharing and handling
    • Google Venue List API implementation
    • Own API development along with own chat server implementation

  • DoYouLift?


    This is an iPhone app, which is offering Gymmers to share videos, create challenges and play with challenges by uploading new videos. A user can follow other users. With the feature of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter login, App shares video not only among existing users but also on the Facebook profile as well.

    Key features are as follows:

    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + API integration
    • Video and Image handling with the server and complete backend to make app smooth.
    • Social and internal sharing along with complete chatting system.
    • Relationship management among users as Followers and Following.

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